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“It is our mission to bring the years of wisdom and esperience we have gained to the counseling industry in order that therapists can be strengthened in their career and clients can get the help they so despearately need.

Lavoris Williams

SCS: Successful Counseling Sessions

Helping you as a professional therapist to learn the be st techniques for the most productive and efficient counseling session for you and your clients.

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Therapy with Play

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Using EFT with Patients

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Lavoris Williams 

My experience includes…


L. Williams and Associates, LLC provides one to one counseling sessions. In these face to face sessions the Therapist provide safe confidential, supportive and private consultation on the presenting issues. Our Therapists work to help the Client identify behaviors, feelings and thoughts patterns that are concerning and work with the Client to provide a solution. Counselors at L. Williams and Associates, LLC are empathetic, non-judgmental, genuine, caring, and properly trained to meet the needs our clients.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

BiPolar Disorder

About Us

L Williams Academy

is a subsidiary of L Williams LLC, which is a community-based professional counseling and psychological service facility. L. Williams offers care and services to a diverse population. We provide comprehensive psychological assessment/ evaluation and treatment for children, adolescents and adults. The center is multicultural and open to all persons seeking counseling and professional psychological services.

L. Williams and Associates, LLC provides services for life challenges, relationship issues and behavioral issues. L. Williams recognize that good mental health is the key to healthy well-being and quality living. Mental Health affects how we feel, think, act and interact with others in the world. L. Williams and Associates,LLC understand that mental health issues can affect anyone and the importance of having someone to talk with.

If you feel the need for an assessment/evaluation or to talk about your mental health issue call L. Williams and Associates, LLC 205-777-4022

What people are saying…

“Lavoris Williams is an excellent facilitator who is highly trained and very thorough in her teaching and course facilitation. I have gained so much knowledge, so many ideas that I can incorporate into my practice, this was well worth my time and money. Her passion is so strong and I am so grateful to have attended her course.”

Sheila T. , Birmingham, AL

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