Successful Counseling Sessions

Helping you as a professional therapist to learn the best techniques for the most productive and efficient counseling session for you and your clients.

As a professional counselor, it is widely understood that in order to have and facilitate successful counseling sessions, it is critical for the establishment of a solid partnership between the client and the therapist. It can be very time-consuming to assist a client in therapeutic treatment when there are not effective tools to utlize as policies and procedures during the counseling session. This course is designed to help the therapist understand how to better facilitate treatment for a patient in the most efficient and beneficial way using proven techniques. These techniques help the therapist to establish a friendly collaborative relationship with the client and gives insight into how a client can be better helped to make changes in their thinking patterns and behavior, leading to successful counseling sesssions.

In this private virtual in-person classroom you will learn to:

• How to effectively progress counseling sessions with clients

• Effective Ways to connect with clients

• How to efficiently process information with clients

• The best and most appropriate intervention for clients

COURSE FACILITATED BY: Lavoris Williams, MA, LPC-S, RPT-S, NCC Founder of L Williams & Associates, LLC and a licensed professional therapist with over 15 years experience in conducting therapy sessions.


Course registration available to licensed counselors & therapists only

Must have completed a minimum of 2 consecutive calendar years of professional 
counseling field work.

Space is limited.

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